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Secure Integration

Smart Buildings are evolving rapidly with the purpose to improve durability and to increase the user experience. This evolution comes with an increased complexity and risk in the context of cybersecurity.

The current Smart Building technologies are not secure. The apparent insignificant systems could cause a direct impact to critical building functionalities.

We provide services and solutions for building owners, managers and integrators to identify, monitor and mitigate these risks.

Data Collection

By introducing IoT security components in the building automation system, we are able to provide a solution to collect valuable data from all building automation components and securely send and store it on a central location (cloud or datacenter) for further processing and analytics.

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Data processing

In order to increase the value of collected data, we provide a solution for formatting and enrichment of this data. It allows for a secure and easy integration with other systems like SIEM, BI, AI… .

By pre-processing the data before parsing it to a central location, we ensure a lower cost for both sending and storing the data.

Data Analytics
We enable our customers to leverage on the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics to increase the efficiency of their building operations. By providing solutions for predictive maintenance and anomaly detection we can help them to optimise their processes:

– to save energy and water usage and the resulting reduction in costs and carbon footprint
– to improve working conditions, safety and security for occupants
– to optimise resources (physical, space and human)
– to improve customer service levels
– to reduce maintenance costs

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